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The Myths of the IRS

Because the IRS doesn't really promote Offers directly, the myths of the IRS have evolved over time.

Myth #1 - I've been told that the IRS will turn down the offer of a young person.

First of all, it's against Federal Law. It's called age discrimination. That doesn't mean it has not happened a couple of times in the last ten years.

Myth #2 - The IRS wants to look at your future income.

In the past the IRS wanted people to sign collateral agreements. The agreements stated that if the taxpayer earned above a certain amount per year over the five year compliance period, they would have to give the IRS a minimal percentage of the excess income. I've seen only one of those since1996.

Myth #3 - You've got to be unemployed and eating out of garbage can to get an offer.

The above material, I hope, did away with that myth.

Myth #4 - If you get some hard nosed Revenue Officer, they can torpedo your offer.

That was very true a few years ago and is less true's a half myth. Just recently I had an Offer Technician ask about a guys health. Some do...some don't. It's amassing how much flexibility they have in asking for information. Most Offer Technicians will want financial information over the last three months and some will ask for nine. However, our ability to withdraw and re-file an offer can be a useful tool if we run into problems in this area. If we must withdraw an Offer for any reason and re-file it, we do not charge an additional fee.

Myth #5 - The IRS will come to your house and count your sheets to determine what your personal property is worth.

In the past that was true. But rarely today. If your case is already with a Revenue Officer and he wants to handle the offer investigation himself, you could end up bringing your paperwork directly to him or he may visit you at home, but we find this to be true in very few cases these days.

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