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How you can Control Tax Preparation
Cost & Accuracy!

The steps listed below can and will control the accuracy and cost of your tax preparation. Why? The steps below are a portion of our tax return preparation process.

When you complete these steps before providing us with your tax information, you are minimizing your time, controlling the cost of the preparation.

1. Use your "Tax Organizer" ( a valuable tool to assist you with assembling your 2004 tax information), let us know if you need one.

2. Complete the tax organizer very carefully to help eliminate areas uncertainty before submitting your information for preparation.

3. Enclose only "copies" of your original documents (Example Mortgage Interest Statement) and attach them to each related page of the "tax organizer" (retain the originals & remember to write down and list the information on the corresponding organizer pages).

4. If you are still in doubt write on the front page "see notes" and complete the "notes" section (usually found at the end of the organizer).

5. Enclose your "Hud" statement if you purchased, sold, or refinanced a residence or a rental.

6. Provide mileage information for each car used in business (list miles separately for business; commuting; personal and finally list the total for the year).

7. For new or traded automobiles, provide invoices and financing information. If you leased, provide a copy of the lease.

8. For first year clients, provide a copy of your prior two year tax returns (to include the depreciation schedule, if any assets were depreciated in prior years).

9. As a rule, do not enter an entry twice from the same document.

10. Break down your income & expenses for each activity other than employment. (Example: professional activities, sale of assets, real estate rentals, etc).

11. List personal itemized deductions separately from all of the above.

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