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Collecting Needed Information

If we view tax preparation as a “burden”, like everything else, it will actually become one.


Let us this year, examine your thoughts -


  1. Do not stress yourself, if availability of time is the source, please consider the benefits of filing an extension. (See extension considerations).
  2. Tax Organizers are mailed to you as a good starting point. The organizer serves a few major objectives:
    1. As a reminder when reviewing the organizer for what was reported in 2003, examine each item and either provides 2004 changes or write on the page “delete” if the item is no longer applicable.
    2. The last page of the organizer is designated for notes. Record tax items that you are not sure of, on the notes page. (Also see partial “checklist”).
  1. Information you are expecting to receive, from third parties sometimes can be obtained via a website; obtain and record necessary information…Simply indicate on the organizer where the information was obtained.
  2. Credit card statements and bank statements are resourceful documents refreshing your memory regarding 2004 transactions – take a few minutes to review them.
  3. 2004 tax preparation may also be used to plan for 2005. Evaluate your record keeping and filing systems. We get much busier with every year, what has worked in prior years, may need to be improved because of new products, software and computer availability which did not exist in prior years.
  4. E-mail us an outline of any stumbling blocks you may have we will be happy to share with you multiple alternatives to select what fits you best.
  5. Two types of deductions do not always generate tax benefits do them at the end.
    1. Medical and dental expenses
    2. Employee business expenses

Another option, is to wait on the above two items until we process your tax information then, we can email you the status of these two deductions and analyze if it may improve your tax liability.

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