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Partial Checklist of
Tax Documents to be Provided

1. Employment: W-2 forms

2. Interest Income: 1099-INT, documents and statements

3. Dividend Income: 1099-DIV, documents and statements

4. Capital Gains/Losses: Securities sold, Form 1099 or broker statement

5. Capital Gains/Losses: Sale of personal assets

6. Capital Gains/Losses: Sale of business assets

7. Real Estate Transactions: HUD statements and notes signed

8. Partnership, Trust, Etc: K-1s

9. Automobile Lease (only if used for business/employment)

10. Documents Regarding Refinance of Residence(s) or Rental(s)

11. Mortgage Interest Paid: 1098

12. Property Taxes Paid: 1098 or receipt from county

13. Automobile Ownership Registration

14. Documentation for Contributions Exceeding $250

15. Letters or Notices from Tax Authorities

16. Documents for MH & Co. Evaluation & Advice

17. January 2005 Contributions to the Tsunami Charities

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