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Has the IRS levied your bank account or your wages (commissions)?

Do you fear that the IRS is about to seize your home or your car?

Has the penalty and interest on your IRS debt made your liability to large to pay off?

Has an audit created a liability impossible to pay-off?

Have you been forced by a Revenue Officer or ACS to enter into a
payment plan you cannot afford or that is not making a dent in the liability?

Have you been pressured by an aggressive or unresponsive Revenue Officer?

Have you entered into a bankruptcy with the understanding that it
would discharge your IRS debt, only to find out that it did not discharge that debt?

Are you afraid that the IRS might find out something that could send you to jail?

Have you failed to file because you are afraid to "draw attention" to yourself?

Do you feel like your financial life and tax situation is out of your control?

Did you ever go to a tax professional for help who did more harm than good?

Did that tax professional take your money and accomplish nothing?

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